Talking About Your Generation

Three families sit at one table - one Russian, one Polish and one German. What stories are told? What did the parents experience when they were as old as their children now? Which political events, which social upheavals have shaped their biographers? Perhaps the Germans talk about the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Poles about the beginning of the "Third Polish Republic", the Russians about the first free elections - all this happened exactly 30 years ago. In family stories, politics and history become personal and concrete.

In the summer and autumn of 2019, six Polish, six Russian and six German youths each will travel to Warsaw, Moscow and Berlin to talk to their parents about the time 30 years ago. The result will be a theatrical evening about what has shaped, separated and united us a generation after 1989. And about what moves us in the three countries in the face of today's crises.

Kornel Duchaczek, Prokhor Gusev, Michal Ireneusz Halas, Hinnerk Henze, Katharina Hoffmann, Meshchaninova Ioanna, Dary Kolpakova, Emil Kollmann, Ilya Kovalsky, Hanna Kulnianin, Polina Laptyreva, Egor Litvinov, Ewa Mazgajska, Anna Maziarska, Molimo Flour, Jasmine Fifassi Sebastiani, Rohan Fryderyk Tryc-Bromley, Emma Charlotte White

Director Uta Plate
Dramaturgy Birgit Lengers
Artistic Support Paul Schmidt
Instruction Puppetry Viviane Podlich
Stage Design Lana Ramsay
Costumes Henrike Huppertsberg, Juliane Kalkowski
Project idea Johannes Krug, Ansgar Gilster
Project management Caroline Zeidler
Photo and video documentation Charlotte Grief
Project coordination Warsaw Maryna Czaplińska
Project coordination Moscow Alena Yankelevich

19. Oktober 2019
Deutsches Theater Berlin






In these two podcasts, Katharina Hoffmann and Emil Kollmann as well as Jasmin Sebastiani and Hinnerk Henze, four of the six German participants, talk about the backgrounds to the play.

3 countries, 18 young people, many ideals